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Ewaste Incineration
Industry Sustainability
Processing Efficiencies
Ewaste Incineration
December 07, 2021
Full publication of our worldwide study on the effects of e-waste incineration, it's toxins, filtration technologies, worldwide rates of incineration, largest polluters and solution to the problem.
2021 Study Pfane Environmental 2021 - Global ewaste Incineration Study
Industry Sustainability
May 11, 2020
What value is in a pile of waste circuit boards? How can material sorting, collection and processing be streamlined to save more than 60 hours per month of sorting time? Time that could be used recycling?
Machine Learning Project Google, IBM and Pfane
Processing Efficiencies
June 24, 2020
In our 3 year research and development project we re-engineer the collection and processing of consumer e-waste items. Increasing processing efficiencies and throughput rates and decreasing carbon footprint to negative levels after factoring in power usage and CO2 savings from new products produced. We continue to work to further revise and improve on the current model in hopes that our new facilities can further automation and production efficiencies for e-waste specific decontamination, processing and refinement.
Redesigning The Processing Pfane Environmental Association

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70% Recycled Material
Better, Stronger, Fire Resistant and more Cost Effective than standard paver bricks.
From Recycled Printer PLA
A fitting use for recycled printer cases.
Global Problem, Global Solutions
The only fully circular, certified and guaranteed turnkey business opportunity for the e-waste industry.
Accurate Material Pricing
Machine Learning, AI and Computer Vision assure Sustainability.
Machine Generated Design
Using Machine Learning to design new, better engineered components.