Pfane ENVIROPlan
Each Pfane WEEE Recycling facility is built and managed as an R4 Prime Certified Circular facility. A global solution to the unyielding, ewaste epidemic.

Pfane ENVIROPlan

The Pfane EnviroPlan Turn Key Franchise prototype is a 100% circular, turn key business Fully built, supplied and managed by Pfane. Every part of the business is developed to meet of the highest environmental, health and safety standards.

A Sound Investment

Each Pfane ENVIROPlan Franchise is guaranteed to provide a full return on investment within 18 months. No other franchise opportunity can guarantee results like this.

How It Works

We have spent 4 years perfecting our backend software systems, machine maintenance procedures with upgrades and trade secret operational efficiency modifications. This fully maps out every aspect of every process required which in turn guarantees your profitability in the e-waste industry. Your turn-key business license comes with everything you need to succeed and our compliance department and legal team get you set up with the proper regulatory authorities and permit authorizations required for compliance and safe operations of your new Pfane EnviroPlan™ business system and facility location.