PfiBricks & PfiBlocks
Up to 70% recycled fiber from waste circuit boards, Fire proof, water proof, made from organic materials. Saves millions of tons of CO2 from mining. 100% sandless, rated for heavy machinery. 5 year full replacement warranty.
Real-world and lab tested for load bearing usage. 20% stronger than standard paver bricks. From $7 /m2
With 80% more oxide color surface than standard pavers, PfiBricks stay beautiful longer than traditional cement pavers. Perfect for high traffic areas. From $8 / m2
Your choice of 2 high quality PfiBricks forms, square or rectangular, 10x10 and 20x10 both with a sturdy 6cm thickness. PfiBricks are 50% lighter than sand based pavers of the same size.
Standard Pavers and Building blocks use sand, which must be mined or crushed from larger stones. This takes heavy machinery. The mining and extraction industry is responsible for 35% of the yearly greenhouse gas emmissions. Using PfiBricks saves millions of tons of CO2 from entering our earths atmosphere.