Our Mission
Would it be possible to build the world's best, most technologically advanced, vertically scalable, turn-key, fully circular e-waste recycling business? This is the question we live by.

Mission Statement

From it's conception Pfane has been working toward building a higher standard in the e-waste recycling industry. Working inside the waste industry we knew the challenges would be great and numerous.

We have always been committed to resolving the problems that plague the e-waste industry and continue to make progress in connecting actors between the formal and informal sectors. We don't believe the current strategy of building bigger holes to hide the world ewaste in, is working. We are committed to launching sustainable, circular, franchise business units around the globe. Networked through new, and existing supply chains, we plan to become the world's largest, e-waste specific, recycling and refining enterprise.

How We Will Succeed

Our Commitment

Pfane is committed to the proper, environmentally friendly recycling of electronic waste. We commit ourselves to higher standards every day for our people and for the companies we work with. We believe the e-waste problem is too large to tackle on our own and we work with some of our largest competitors to help make a difference in the world. We will continue to develop solutions and systems that one day we hope will inspire the entire industry to become circular with zero waste to landfill..

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