The Problem

Keeps Growing Year After Year

Millions of tons of e-waste are created each year, which is added to the billions of tons of e-waste already sitting in landfills. Major e-waste processing facilities use old methods of processing which mainly require toxic chemicals which can be dangerous to health and the environment.

The Challenge

Environmentally Friendly Processing

Old electronics, circuit boards and batteries contain toxic chemicals, when processed improperly these toxins can contaminate the ground, water or air. These materials however also contain significant amounts of base and precious metals, as well as glass fibers and resins that are in high demand for extraction. The challenge is to extract these valuable materials and responsibly manage the recovery of lead and mercury without releasing these elements back into the environment.

The Solution

Delivering Your E-waste To Pfane

Pfane is the world's first and only fully circular, non-toxic e-waste recycling facility. Fully Authorized to accept, process and refine raw materials from electronic waste. Without causing environmental damage, or risking human health in the process. You can deliver your e-waste to our facility free of charge, or we can arrange transport for you for any amount of e-waste over 50kg.



Primum non nocere - Do No Harm
Pfane is a unique and very forward looking company in the e-waste management business. It's first priority is to the environment, by discovering and developing new, clean ways to recycle e-waste, Pfane is helping to cut greenhouse gas emmissions, end chemical waste polutants and working with legistlative bodies to enforce much more stringent rules on current e-waste recyclers. We have a capacity to process 1000 tons of e-waste per month, using a proprietary process to insure that we are a carbon negative and fully circular company.
Recycling Gurantee.
All Pfane processing facilities are SYSEX Security compliant for the proper and secure destruction of hardware and electronic IP.

We guarantee your items will be fully recycled and never sold back through the scrap market. Your company will receive an authorized recycling audit report which will certify you have recycled your waste and not sold them into the scrap market.
kg. Circuitry Recycled
kg. Co2 Saved
kg. WEEE /mo.
Certified Data Destruction
Pfane offers secure certified physical data destruction services catered to the ever growing needs of our clients. We provide secure tracking and certified destruction of data containing devices, obsolete products and excess inventories utilizing our in-house mechanical shredding and sorting capabilities. Each product is tracked by multiple data points through our customized tracking and reporting system. A Certificate of Destruction & Recycling is provided for all certified destruction jobs.
Authorized Recycling
Responsible businesses recycle with Pfane helping them to lower to cost of recycling while maintaining full legal compliance with Environmental agencies within Romania. By using Pfane Scientific To Recycle their electronics our clients benefit by lowering shipping costs, time, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and obtaining a certificate of green recycling on every completed job. With Pfane's buy back plan we help keep businesses compliant with local Environmental law while offering prices comparable to shipping waste to alternate states.
Bespoke Solutions
Above all Pfane is here to help other recyclers manage the ever changing e-waste market. Developing better, faster and smarter solutions to manage the growing e-waste problem.

We fully customize each and every solution to the needs of the individual dealer, recycler, refiner or collector. Each facility has it's own processes, each one with their own challenges. This is why Pfane offers quality control and procurement to the industry at large using it's Patent Pending ViewPasTM software. Our team is ready to help you succeed.