Computer Vision

Simply upload photos of piles, bales, truckloads, or single peices of Circuitry

Real Time

Metal values driven by realtime commodity market feed. 


Prices materials based on the metals obtained by the refiner, eliminating lost values.

Profit Index

Set your profit index to offer price splitting based on set processing costs and laboutr deductions.

AI Feedback

Simple English terminology lets you and your agents know what to do and weather you should trust the results

98.2% Accurate

3 years of real world testing and Machine Learning training with millions of computer hours logged.

Simple Interface

Visually see what percentages of metals are within each raw material scanned.

Compliant Reporting

Export Universal collection and processing reporting that tracks producer responsibility from the moment you receive the item through it's full processing lifecycle no matter howoften it switches bins or how many times it's broken down.